Milo Thompson

Milo Thompson of Kentucky Photo
10 Years

I have 10 years experience Developing Software and Websites.

What I am most proud of is the children I am raising and proud that I get the opportunity to call me their father.

I am a avid technology evangelist, love comics and all things Star TrekLogo of Star Trek

I am a Graduate of the University of Phoenix, I have developed for companies such as Dominion Energy, CentrAlert, DevCool, Software Masters, Wendall Wilson Business and Technology Consulting, S&S Tire, Foundation 5, and a number of companies doing White Label work.

I have built full scale Enterprise Systems, Mobile Applications Custom CMS, a variety of Open Source Technology I have pushed out into the world and Custom E-Commerce Platforms.

No Project is Too Small and all budgets have a home with the Jimnio Family