Intrust-Healthcare Medical Billing Software

LAMP stack programming and deployment, website and CMS creation (front-end + back-end), graphic design, database conversions and upkeep, legacy software conversions (i.e. Clarion to Codeigniter), programming and secure server management

From start to Finish we Built a Medical Billing System that is HIPAA compliant with smart processing technology that can help alleviate paper processing forms.

We also setup EDI connections to process and bill claims to the appropriate MCO based on system bata. Also on return of data we pre-sort information making claims that are reaching aging dates to be priority first

The complexity of the systems rivals above what some major companies are building now.

ICD-10 Compliance was also built into the new revamped billing system.

During this build we also adding in processing code and modifier storage that can be auto looked-up depending on the initial claim type and code/codes. This made the medical billing process more streamlined to offer medical coders with a bevy of help.

Software Development, Server Setup, Network Setup, Networking Connections, EDI Processing, A.I., Graphic Design, Website Application Design, Email Setup, Big Data Transfer